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Contributors: Ros Mc Mahon, Dan MacDonald
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Arweave peer HTTP API

For a more complete reference of the Arweave peer HTTP APIs see the linked guideopen in new window.

The endpoints present here are for done so for convenance and/or because they were omitted from the linked guideopen in new window.

Permaweb gateway services are typically backed by one or more full Arweave nodes. As a result they will often expose the node endpoints under the /tx/ path and routing the request directly to an Arweave node. This means these methods can often be called on a gateway as well as directly on an arweave peer/node.

Get by field

Retrieves the header fields associated with a transaction directly from an Arweave node. Can be used to retrieve the transaction data as well, if the node stores the chunks, and the data is small enough for the node to serve.

Available fields: id | last_tx | owner | target | quantity | data | reward | signature

const result = await fetch('')
// fields are returned in base64url format, so we need to decode
const base64url = await result.text()
const jsonData = JSON.parse( Arweave.utils.b64UrlToString(base64url) )
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  "records": {

Get Wallet Balance

The returned balance is in Winston. To get balance in $AR, divide the balance by 1000000000000

const res = await axios.get(``)
console.log( / 1000000000000)

6638463438702 // Winston
6.638463438702 // $AR

Get transaction status


This endpoint only supports base Arweave transactions not bundled transactions. Transactions must be confirmed on-chain before their status will be available.

  const response = await fetch('')
  const result = await response.json()
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Get network information

const res = await axios.get('')
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    "network": "arweave.N.1",
    "version": 5,
    "release": 53,
    "height": 1106211,
    "current": "bqPU_7t-TdRIxgsja0ftgEMNnlGL6OX621LPJJzYP12w-uB_PN4F7qRYD-DpIuRu",
    "blocks": 1092577,
    "peers": 13922,
    "queue_length": 0,
    "node_state_latency": 0