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Contributors: Brian Gershon, Tom Wilson
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Svelte Starter Kits

Svelte is a framework that compiles to a JavaScript bundle and in the process removes the framework from the distribution of the app. This results in a much smaller footprint than other frameworks. Svelte is the perfect framework for Permaweb Applications. A Permaweb Application is built on the principles of a Single Page Application, but lives on the Arweave network and is distributed by Permaweb gateways.

Svelte Starter Kit Guides:

  • Minimal - the minimum required to build a svelte permaweb app
  • Vite - Svelte, Typescript and Vite

Permaweb Application Constraints

  • 100% Front-end application (No Server-Side Backend)
  • Applications are served from a sub-path (https://[gateway]/[TX_ID])