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Developing on the Permaweb

Welcome to the Permaweb

Creating applications on the permaweb, which is built on the Arweave protocol, is similar to building traditional web applications but with some key differences.

One major difference is that data is stored on the permaweb permanently, as the name suggests, rather than on a centralized server. This means that once data is uploaded to the permaweb, it cannot be deleted or altered. This can be beneficial for applications that require tamper-proof data storage, such as supply chain management or voting systems.

Another difference is that the permaweb is decentralized, meaning there is no central point of control or failure. This can provide increased security and reliability for applications.

Additionally, the permaweb uses a unique token, called AR, to pay for the storage of data on the network. This can add a new layer of complexity to application development, as developers need to consider how to integrate AR into their applications and handle payments.

Overall, the experience of creating applications on the permaweb can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding as it offers unique benefits over traditional web development.

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