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Mint your Atomic Assets with Akord

Akord enables the creation of Atomic NFTs compliant with the Atomic Asset standardopen in new window.

The Atomic Asset can be minted with the option to attach the Universal Data Licenseopen in new window (UDL), and can be listed on the Universal Content Marketplaceopen in new window (UCM).

with AkordJS

You can mint your Atomic Assets using AkordJSopen in new window package.

Before you get started

Requires NodeJS -

npm install @akord/akord-js
yarn add @akord/akord-js

Defining NFT metadata

You can define following fields for your NFT

ownerthe address of the asset ownerfalse
namethe name of the asset (max 150 characters)false
descriptiona description of the asset (max 300 characters)false
typesthe types of the asset, ex: "image", "video"false
topicsthe topics or categories associated with the assets, ex: "nature", "music"true
creatorthe address of the asset creator, if not provided, defaults to the asset ownertrue
thumbnaila thumbnail image associated with the assettrue
contractTxIdcontract source transaction id, if not provided, defaults to "Of9pi--Gj7hCTawhgxOwbuWnFI1h24TTgO5pw8ENJNQ"true
tickerthe symbol of the token, if not provided, defaults to "ATOMIC"true

Minting flow example

import { Akord, Auth } from '@akord/akord-js'

// First, let's initialize Akord instance
// In order to mint Atomic NFTs with AkordJS, you first need an Akord account. 
// Sign up for Akord here:
const { wallet } = await Auth.signIn(email, password);
const akord = await Akord.init(wallet);

// Now, let's define our NFT metadata
const metadata = {
  name: "Golden Orchid - Flora Fantasy #1",
  owner: "zpCttRSE4zoDmmqu37PwGkwoMI89JsoY9mZx4IfzVb8",
  creator: "oB8a20xgJy9ytEPkrFeIkQ9_6nWuoaNbsQYtaCVkNIY",
  description: "A rare digital representation of the mythical Golden Orchid",
  types: ["image"],
  topics: ["floral", "nature"]

// Let's create a public vault to contain our NFTs
const { vaultId } = await akord.vault.create("My NFTs", { public: true });

// Finally, let's mint the NFT by passing the path to the asset data, NFT metadata
const { uri } = await, "./my-nft.jpeg", metadata);


Once the transaction is accepted on Arweave network (it takes 5-15 minutes on average),
it will get automatically registered on Warpopen in new window and you can access your NFT on ViewBlock by visiting the following URL:{uri}

with Akord web app

Alternatively, you can find a complete user-friendly guide that walk you through the creation of atomic assets from within a web application.
Go to the minting guide in new window
And the best part is, no coding is involved!


In this guide, we demonstrated how to mint a single NFT with AkordJS, but the SDK doesn't stop there.
To delve deeper, check out these AkordJS modules: