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Atomic Token Concept and Principles

An Atomic Token is a single permanent identifier that references data and a SmartWeave Contract on the Permaweb.


Data MUST be stored on the arweave network and referencable by a Transaction Identifier

Contract MUST implement a balances object that represents the ownership of the Atomic Token

Contract MUST implement a transfer function that takes the following arguments:

  • target {WalletAddress or Contract}
  • qty {Number}

The transfer function should transfer ownership from the caller to the target


These are implementation options that can make the Atomic Token discoverable and tradeable on the Permaweb

Verto Flexopen in new window - The Flex Library gives your atomic token to be sold or purchased without trusting an exchange.

Discoverability Tags - ANS 110open in new window - These additional tags can help Permaweb applications and services discover your token.

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