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Contributors: Dan MacDonald, dmac, Pawan Paudel
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Posting Transactions using

Posting transactions to can be accomplished using the javascript package. Bundling services enable guaranteed confirmation of posted transactions as well as supporting many thousands of transactions per block though the use of transaction bundles.

Installing the

To install run

npm install @bundlr-network/client
yarn add @bundlr-network/client

Initializing Bundlr Network Client

A difference between posting Layer 1 and bundled Layer 2 transactions is that when using bundlr you must make a deposit on the bundlr node ahead of time. This deposit can be made using AR tokens or a variety of other crypto currencies. Another difference is that the bundlr service guarantees your data will arrive on chain.

import Bundlr from '@bundlr-network/client';
import fs from "fs";

// load the JWK wallet key file from disk
let key = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("walletFile.txt").toString());

// initailze the bundlr SDK
const bundlr = new Bundlr("", "arweave", key);

Posting a Bundled Transaction

// load the data from disk
const imageData = fs.readFileSync(`images/myImage.png`);

// add a custom tag that tells the gateway how to serve this data to a browser
const tags = [
  {name: "Content-Type", value: "image/png"},

// create the bundled transaction and sign it
const tx = bundlr.createTransaction(imageData, { tags });
await tx.sign();

// upload the transaction to bundlr for inclusion in a bundle to be posted
await tx.upload();